Masters Student Investment Fund

Established in August 2024 at the David Eccles School of Business, the Masters Student Investment Fund (MSIF) uniquely integrates academic theory with practical experience, preparing students for a career in finance and investment management. Graduate students manage a $1.1 million portfolio, gaining hands-on investing experience. This comprehensive program encourages both individual and collaborative research, allowing students to hone their analytical skills and present their strategies to seasoned financial experts, thereby bridging the gap between classroom learning and real-world financial application.

Fund Overview

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At MSIF is designed to blend cutting-edge academic theory with real-world investment practices. Our goal is to equip graduate students with a deep understanding of how to manage investment endowments by employing the latest tools in investing and portfolio management. The MSIF program transcends conventional financial education by honing vital career skills like advanced teamwork, effective presentation, and strong leadership. A key aspect of our curriculum is the focus on investing, preparing students for prominent roles in investment and portfolio management.

Curricular Structure

  • Macro News: Each week, selected students will provide a succinct overview of the latest macroeconomic developments, offering insights into how these can impact the financial markets.  
  • Portfolio News: Students will actively engage in the development, testing, and real-time application of trading strategies. Each week, a chosen student will present a comprehensive portfolio update. This update will not only evaluate the current performance of the portfolio but also consider potential strategic enhancements and necessary rebalances.  
  • Investment Strategy Presentations: During the program groups will present 2-3 researched investment strategies. This segment fosters creativity in identifying investment methods that demonstrate the potential for positive returns and benchmark outperformance.  
  • Fund Management: Numerous other responsibilities go into managing an investment fund besides investing. Students handle these tasks, including recruiting, marketing, accounting, and technology.