Knowledge Dissemination

The Institute of Advanced Investment Management (IAIM) strives to have a significant impact on public policy by promoting public literacy and education. As a public university with a world-class faculty and a part of Utah’s educational leadership, IAIM is committed to sharing innovative ideas and research to ensure that it contributes to reducing disparities in access to financial learning, educational tools, and opportunities.

Finance Library

Our Finance Library is a public digital library of resources, guides, and educational tools to promote financial literacy. It has a wide range of materials including books, journals, and research papers, available for anyone interested in learning about finance and investment management.

Media Outreach

We are eager to engage in open and constructive dialogue with journalists and other members of the media, and our team is pleased to provide quotes, set up interviews, and share our knowledge and expertise with the wider public.

Recent Research

IAIM’s latest research provides a comprehensive overview of the trends and challenges in the finance industry, drawing on data from surveys, market analysis, and academic research to highlight the growing importance of technology and digital innovation.

Continuing Education in Investment Leadership

IAIM will offer a short course on investment leadership that will provide students of all ages and backgrounds with high-level insights into investment management.