Fidelity Partnership

If you’re a student at the David Eccles School of Business aspiring to work for Fidelity Investments or in the financial sector, taking the SIE® Exam would be an excellent way to begin. The SIE Exam, administered by FINRA, is an entry-level test that evaluates the foundational knowledge of prospective financial experts in the securities industry, providing you with a jump-start toward obtaining your license.

Through our sponsorship, students can access free exam preparation for the SIE® Exam. This covers the costs of study materials and exam vouchers for students. The program includes the Securities Industry Essentials® (SIE®) Exam preparation course, which equips students to take the industry qualification exam. Students who receive a voucher can take the SIE® Exam at no charge, thanks to Fidelity’s generosity.


What is the SIE Exam?

The Securities Industry Essentials (SIE) Exam evaluates an individual’s comprehension of fundamental industry jargon and concepts that are crucial for an entry-level role in the financial services sector. A Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) license is mandatory for any career that involves the sale of financial securities, although the particular license required may differ depending on the job. Passing the SIE Exam is mandatory before taking any other licensing examinations.

Why take the SIE Exam?

Successfully passing the SIE Exam can distinguish you from other candidates when applying for roles in the financial services industry. Employers will recognize your commitment to pursuing a career in this field when they notice on your resume that you have already passed the SIE Exam. Passing the SIE Exam as a valuable asset because employers will not have to invest time and resources in training you for the exam. While some individuals may postpone their financial industry exam preparation until after graduation or further into their careers, this opportunity can provide you with the education you require to expedite your professional progress.

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