Finance Clubs

IAIM recognizes the importance of fostering the next generation of finance professionals, and we are committed to supporting the development of finance clubs on campus. We provide a range of resources and opportunities for finance clubs, including access to industry experts and thought leaders, career development support, and networking events. We aim to help students gain practical experience, develop their skills and knowledge, and build connections with peers and professionals in the finance industry. We believe that these opportunities can be invaluable in preparing students for successful careers in finance, and we are proud to support the growth and success of finance clubs on campus.

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Our Clubs

Finance Club

The Finance Club is ambitious in their pursuit of developing finance skills and knowledge while preparing for internships and future careers. They prioritize building a strong network of fellow students and professionals, which will provide valuable connections for a lifetime.

Women in Business Club

The Women in Business (WIB) club is an undergraduate and graduate student organization that focuses on the authentic experience of different gender identities in the business school. The purpose of this group is to provide a safe and inclusive place for all students in a diverse and intersectional community. WIB offers opportunities for students to engage in service, community advocacy, and professional development.

Women in Finance Club

The Women in Finance (WIF) club aims to encourage female-identifying students to participate in finance and provide a supportive environment in a male-dominated field. This group offers networking opportunities for female students to connect with each other and females in the finance industry.

Real Estate Club

The Real Estate Club offers a well-organized program that gives members a thorough understanding of fundamental and intermediate real estate concepts, with a particular focus on real estate investments. The primary objective is to help students establish a strong professional network within the real estate industry, identify promising internship prospects, and receive guidance to discover their interests in pursuing full-time real estate careers after graduation.

Entrepreneur Club

The Entrepreneur Club (E-Club) aims to create a network of entrepreneurs, including founders, collaborators, bootstrappers, and student entrepreneurs from various fields on campus. The club works to assist students in utilizing the various events, programs, and professional services provided by the Lassonde Entrepreneur Institute to further their entrepreneurial ventures.

Private Equity & Venture Club

The Private Equity & Venture Club (PE&VC Club) at the University of Utah offers students a comprehensive education on buy-side opportunities, with a particular focus on investing in leveraged buyouts, venture capital, and growth equity. Through guest lectures from distinguished industry professionals, students can develop their skills and knowledge as they prepare for future job interviews.