Institute of Advanced Investment Management

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Our Mission

The Institute of Advanced Investment Management empowers future leaders by providing immersive learning experiences, facilitating the dissemination of investment knowledge, and strengthening connections between industry professionals, students, and faculty.

By advancing a collaborative community of passionate learners and industry experts we drive meaningful change in the financial world.

Experiential Student Learning

The Undergraduate Student Investment Fund will provide 25-35 of University of Utah's top students with hands-on experience in investment management.

The Masters Student Investment Fund similarly seeks to provide a hands-on experience to manage a real-world investment fund.

IAIM will host career fairs, including an annual career fair designed to connect students to leading investment firms.


Practitioner Hub

IAIM has a critical goal of connecting academic research and teaching with the investment industry. This goal ensures that the University of Utah represents a highly visible presence within the field and attracts top industry professionals to engage with IAIM, researchers, and students.

Annual IAIM Conference

Designed to connect top researchers, practitioners, and industry professionals.

CFA and CAIA Events

IAIM will become a host and sponsor of the local chapters of the CFA and CAIA associations.

Finance Partnerships

Students will be able to engage in challenging projects for analysis and research.

Knowledge Dissemination

IAIM seeks to play an important public policy role in broadening public literacy and education. As a public university with a world-class faculty, IAIM strives to share ideas and research. We will help mitigate disparities in access to financial learning, educational tools, and opportunities.